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Recently I've been doing a number of interviewing potential hires at my company. I have one question which I put in every interview, and the answer/reaction is one of the most important What is something you're excited about? I ask this question for several reasons. It lets me build rapport with the candidate. I can readily ask some follow-up questions, or at least ask them to tell ... Continue reading »

Proposed Metrics

One of the biggest problems that projects have is in feedback. Everyone in the project has a duty to tell others, and especially the team lead and the PM, if there are any concerns, but most of the time people don't. There are a few reasons for this, but in general people don't like being the one to give bad news. I'd like to find a way to go about avoiding that problem. 

I came up with a basic survey and I'd like it included in my future projects. The goal would be to have it filled out by everyone on the project at the start of a new sprint. This would mean that the PM would be able to get a pulse easily. I think it would also allow people to hint that there might be bad news without having to be the one to come out and say it. 

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Without Staff, There Are No Standards

Something which I was recently discussing with a colleague was her problem with her company's recent top-down initiatives. There was a series of major pushes in her company which she didn't feel were justified. Things had worked decently in the past but these changes seemed like a bad attempt at fixing something which was not broken.

The problem here wasn't actually the reforms. The reforms were probably well justified (I didn't really have visibility into whether or not they actually were). The problem was the approach.

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