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A Short Thought on Happiness

Happiness matters. The bottom line matters, too, but happiness matters more. You might have the most talented of sales forces. You might have the best team in existence. They might be the best in the industry and work well together, balancing each others strengths to create stronger whole. Your employees might love you and your company. They might be the most trustworthy and loyal possible. They might even be related to you, and so even be more inclined to help you. But if your organization can't bring them happiness, what's the point?

You might give people the best salaries, and you might give them the most free time. It might be easier to work for you than anyone else. But, without happiness, you're sunk.

And your company exists for happiness. People may want to earn money working there, but rare is the employee who wants money for money's sake. Your customers may hire you to protect them from a lawsuit, or to do their laundry, or to sell them the newest gadget with the extra-long battery. But they are doing it because they are trying to scratch that profound itch.

If you ever look at Glassdoor and you look at the reviews of the best companies to work for, they all score incredibly high on morale and stability. They don't always score high in salary, in fact many of them are completely average. No, morale and stability hold the key, because both result in people knowing that they are cared for today, and knowing that they will be cared for tomorrow.

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