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Priority is the Key

If you want to be productive, then you need to know your priorities. It's a fact of life. Without prioritization, then people (including me and you) start defaulting to "whatever seems the most urgent right at this very moment." That leads to increased rate of re-tooling, which leads to waste. This also means you have a perpetual "work in progress" list, causing all sorts of slow-down, confusion, and pile-up.

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Negotiating Fairly

The Nash Game

Let's play a game, well, more of a thought experiment. Let's say that we are both hunters, and that we are both interested in getting the most meat possible. That makes sense, right? OK, so now let's imagine that we can either carry a spear, which is good for wounding a deer, or a net, which is good only for catching rabbits. You and I both know that we'll need to cooperate in order to catch that deer, and that if one of us brings rabbit net, then that person will get all of the rabbits. What do we choose?

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