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The Red Fields of Muirén

Theirs was a professional army, well disciplined and capable in battle. When the generals gave the command to form ranks, the order was followed quickly and professionally. They moved off the road, onto a small rise and into parallel lines, the summit to their back and one continuous like of shields in the front. Archers and ballistas occupied the summit, while the cavalry held in reserve.

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The Dawn of the Second Expedition

A slow terror crept forth from the frontier. This wasn't just silence. There was some force which was swallowing up not just soldiers but entire towns, bustling cities which were thought to be strong enough to withstand an assault. Something had come for the empire, snuffing its edge like you might blow out a match. Something had to be done, a show of force had to be made. The ... Continue reading »

It was a time of peace in the empire

It was a time of peace in the empire. The long civil war was over for nearly a decade now, and a period of prosperity seemed to be returning. The many opposing armies united under one house, one ruler. Many soldiers, who had given themselves up for lost, returned from their long voyages to distant lands, exchanging oars for shovels and blades for plowshares. Finally the people could stop fearing ... Continue reading »

It Should Be Working (Spacefarer - 2)

Tom breath caught as the words died in the subtle shuffles and winds of the ship, the now derelict ship.

"So… what do we do?"

The captain answered, "You all fix it or we die. It's as simple as that."

Drew addressed all of us, "About twenty, twenty-five minutes ago, the reactor just stopped. Sonya called me and tried the base restart procedure, and it wouldn't start. We don't know why, we don't know what's wrong. Then I called the captain I called all of you."

Scott asked, "Can we get any help? This doesn't sound good."

This time the captain spoke, "It'll take at least a week before any type of signal can reach Centauri station, and then they have to send out one of their emergency release vessels. The next closest dock is over a month away. We are on our own."

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