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Dust (part 5)

His search became exceedingly frantic. He cursed the fact that it was clean, that nothing was out of place. He cursed that he was unable to find a discarded envelop, a phone book, or even the slightest reference to where his trek had landed him. For an abandoned home, this building was excessively well kept. The kitchen had no receipts, the living room had only old books, and the nightstands in the bedrooms were empty. 

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Dust (part 4)

A house. There was a house. Here. There couldn't be a house, could there? No. No one would build a house unless… Did he wander off the road? Did he somehow take a wrong turn in his sleepwalking nightmare? If he did, then how could he get back? Was it even possible? He could already see that the wind had erased any hope he held of being able to somehow turn around, backtrack and find his way again. He had no bearing and no way to know which way the road was, or even if this house was anywhere close to the path itself.

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Dust (part 3)

Hank stepped back into the mudroom, the airlock between his home and the nightmare, and started dressing. Layer after layer, precaution laid on top of precaution. The long night's constant biting wind and frigid cold demanded precautions, so he took his time. There was no point in rushing, he wasn't going to be able to run the twenty miles even though he wanted to.

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Dust (part 2)

She sighed and the stood there, silent and unmoving. A brief pause where their concerns lay there, unvoiced. Finally, she whispered, "Hank… Tommy's got it. He's got the cough."

Hank looked up, eyes wide, the pain and exhaustion he brought in from outside replaced by adrenalized terror. "What?" he gasped… and regretted it. The sharp intake of air, even the air indoors, bit into his lungs. A cough came from deep in his lungs, bringing with it black phlegm, tainted and bitter. He spit it out like it was trying to expel it like if he could get rid of it forcefully enough, it might be enough to stay his death sentence.

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