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What's Faewold? (Lady Madeline Pt. 6)

“How do you know my name?” Madeline asked, “And what do you mean I’m not supposed to be here?”

“Well, you’re not supposed to be here, because humans aren’t supposed to be in Faewold.” He spoke with a funny accent and a very high voice.

Another voice, one even higher, from inside the cottage called out, “Honey, who are you talking to?”

“Where’s Faewold?” Madeline asked.

“It’s here. It’s where we are.” The fairy said. “You… um, well, people are…”

“Honey?” The voice inside was louder now.

“Dear,” the fairy man called in, “well, maybe you should just see…” and a moment later a small woman was standing next to the fairy man.

“Oh, oh my,” she said. The woman was just as surprised as the man. She was in light blues and whites. Her dress went all the way to the ground and spread out under her. It was quite beautiful.

“Why Madeline,” she said, “You’re soaked to the bone. We need to get you warm and dry. Has he not asked you to come in?”

“But how am I supposed to fit? I’m bigger than your entire house?”

“Oh, that’s simple. Just step through the door.”

“Step through the door? But I’ll smash your house down!”

“No, you won’t,” the girl fairy said. “Here, take my hand.”

Madeline reached out and gently held on to the fairy’s hand. The fairy then stepped into the house, pulling Madeline’s hand along with her. Suddenly, the house which was so small before seemed to grow to ten times its size. She stepped in felt the heat of the fire. The food smelled even more delicious than it had outside.

“How did you do that?” She asked.

“We’re fairies, dear, it shouldn’t seem too surprising,” the girl fairy said. “Now, why don’t we see if we can’t find you something else to wear while you dry off.

“Hey!” a giant voice boomed outside the little home, “what about me?”

Madeline looked out. Handsome was still out there, but now he was a giant. “What happened to Handsome?” she asked.

“Oh, he’s still normal size,” she said. Then she shouted out the door, “Come on Handsome, come on in.”

Handsome ran at the cottage. For a second Madeline thought that he was about to destroy the whole place, but just as he was about to run into the house, he shrunk to the size of a regular dog.

“Now, how about those warm clothes,” the girl fairy said.

“Yes please,” Madeline said.

The two fairies introduced themselves. The boy was called Roderick, the girl Miranda. They both knew Madeline, but Handsome needed to be introduced. He was especially excited to meet these two fairies.

They got a change of clothes and a warm blanket for Madeline and brought out some bowls so they could all enjoy some of Roderick’s “world famous five-bean chili.” Madeline couldn’t remember the last time she had something this good, but she didn’t think it was really world famous.

It was after dinner, and then second helpings of a special cookie called a “pizzelle,” Madeline again asked, “So… how do you know who I am?”

The two fairies looked at each other. It looked like neither one of them wanted to say anything, but finally Roderick said, “Well, you see… I’m sort of your guardian. It’s my job to watch out for you and protect you from curses and the like.”

“You mean like a fairy godmother?” Madeline asked.

“Sort of, only, I’m not a woman, let alone a godmother.” He said, blushing.

“But what about you?” Madeline said to Miranda, “You’re not a fairy godmother?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” she said, “I’m a nature fairy. I make sure that flowers open in the morning and close at night. He’s the guardian.”

Roderick gave a sharp nod. “That’s right. Now, can you tell us how you managed to find your way into Faewold?”

Madeline folded her arms and stared at him. “If you’re my fairy guardian, shouldn’t you already know that?”

Roderick’s face turned the color of a tomato. “Well,” he said, “you see, I saw you were by yourself on your sitting spot, and… well…”

Miranda finished his sentence for him, “so he took a break. When he got back, you had already left.”

Madeline frowned, “You took a break?”

Roderick frowned, and stared at the ground. “I thought you’d be fine. You were every other time.”

Miranda looked at Madeline and said, “It’s his job to protect you, and he’s the one who clearly messed up. He’ll stay with you to help you find your way home again.”

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