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It was a time of peace in the empire

It was a time of peace in the empire. The long civil war was over for nearly a decade now, and a period of prosperity seemed to be returning. The many opposing armies united under one house, one ruler. Many soldiers, who had given themselves up for lost, returned from their long voyages to distant lands, exchanging oars for shovels and blades for plowshares. Finally the people could stop fearing ... Continue reading »

It Should Be Working (Spacefarer - 2)

Tom breath caught as the words died in the subtle shuffles and winds of the ship, the now derelict ship.

"So… what do we do?"

The captain answered, "You all fix it or we die. It's as simple as that."

Drew addressed all of us, "About twenty, twenty-five minutes ago, the reactor just stopped. Sonya called me and tried the base restart procedure, and it wouldn't start. We don't know why, we don't know what's wrong. Then I called the captain I called all of you."

Scott asked, "Can we get any help? This doesn't sound good."

This time the captain spoke, "It'll take at least a week before any type of signal can reach Centauri station, and then they have to send out one of their emergency release vessels. The next closest dock is over a month away. We are on our own."

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Stephen King's Writing Challenge — Honest With Me

 The following is based on Stephen King's writing challenge in his book, "On Writing." Short summary is that he describes a marriage where the couple starts out happily enough, but after a couple of years (and a couple of kids) it's clear that he is paranoid — accusing the wife of infidelity and conspiracy —  and abusive — injuring all, including the children. Eventually, he gets sent to prison, but breaks out and surprises his wife when she is at home, alone (the kids are somewhere else, it doesn't matter where). He then twists the tale by reversing the genders.

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She Wanted Peace

She wanted peace, at least that's what she said, but from the suspicious and bitter look on his face you could easily tell that this peace was not to be had. Her face had a pleading look about it, as if she were hoping that she could be believed, if only one more time, if only he could be swayed. She didn't need much, if only she could get him to listen.

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In Town

The left turn was sharp, too sharp. She always felt that, but there was nothing to be done about it. Not only was it sharp, but the road was sloped wrong. It forced you downhill and was sloped against a turn. They wouldn't redo the roads just for her benefit. No. It didn't matter how dangerous it was either: there had to be at least one accident on that corner every few months, sometime more often than that. No one seemed to wonder though, if maybe spending a hint more on making the roads better would save people.

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