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The Bridge Plan (Lady Madeline pt. 12)

The troll stopped, very confused about what just happened. Did he really not have an answer to the question? Was the riddle really unsolvable? Did that make him a cheater?

Meanwhile, as the troll was wondering all of these things, Madeline crept close to Handsome. She moved slowly, hoping the confused and distracted troll wouldn't notice her.

"Handsome," she whispered, "drop the stick and listen. When I run, you need to chase after me."

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Riddles on the Bridge (Lady Madeline pt. 11)

Now riddles, as many of you probably know, have been an essential part of stories for a long time. They had riddles back when people wore nothing but crazy sheets called "togas." Riddles are an important part of many stories about adventure, where figuring out an important clue is enough to get the hero the treasure. Now, trolls are not supposed to be very smart or clever, and most of ... Continue reading »

Please Pay the Troll (Lady Madeline Pt. 10)

They didn't talk much in the next hour. Most of the time, they just moved without talking — which was fine with Madeline. Handsome, of course, was silent the whole way. For some reason, he insisted on bringing the tree branch with him. They simply couldn't convince him that it was useless. Sometimes Roderick'd try to warn her about the troll again, tell her that she needed to ... Continue reading »

Good Night, Friends (Lady Madeline, pt 7)

"So how _did_ you find your way here?" Roderick asked.

Madeline told him the story of Handsome and how he took her bag, of getting lost, and of the attack by the cats.

"They bit your arm?" Roderick asked.

"Well, yes. The one in front jumped at me and…" Madeline said.

"We need to look immediately!" Miranda interrupted, "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

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