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Introductions (Lady Madeline Pt. 2)

Handsome looked around, confused, "Who said that?" Followed his tail a couple of times around and started shouting, "Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?" While Madeline just stood there, bag in hand, surprised and shocked by this strange, talking dog. Finally, Handsome sat down and asked her, "Can you tell me who is talking?"

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Lady Madeline

Madeline didn't start out as a brave knight. Actually, she didn't even think that she would be a knight or anything like it. She was just a girl on her way to FDR Elementary School on a Tuesday. Tuesdays were OK, they weren't quite as nice as Fridays (pizza day), or as bad as Mondays (which were, well, Mondays). It was just another boring day in a boring week in her boring third-grade year. Her walk to school that morning had been boring, her classes had been boring, and her walk home, well, it started as boring. Then she decided to go the long way around.

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