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I Hear Music Through my Walls (Part 2)

I slept in the car last night, even though I nearly froze. I just couldn't take the idea of staying in that house again. I'm really freaked out. And what makes things worse: my mom won't even talk to me about it. I tried bringing it up, but when I told her about how I went over to the other side of the duplex, she just yelled at me. She claims she doesn't hear music and she said that if we can't get tenants, it's my fault! I don't know what I was supposed to do.

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Night Song

It always happens this time of night, the time when almost everyone has gone to bed, and the last of the porch lights blink out across the lake. It happens when the moon has consumed the sky and has its partner shimmering in the center, and a song starts drifting across the water. It is an old song, some folk melody which was popular long before someone was around to make a recording. The song climbs up out of the water and begins snaking its way to any who might be awake, carried as if on but against the wisps of wind.

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