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Good Night, Friends (Lady Madeline, pt 7)

"So how _did_ you find your way here?" Roderick asked.

Madeline told him the story of Handsome and how he took her bag, of getting lost, and of the attack by the cats.

"They bit your arm?" Roderick asked.

"Well, yes. The one in front jumped at me and…" Madeline said.

"We need to look immediately!" Miranda interrupted, "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

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The Maybes In the Orchard (Lady Madeline pt. 5)

Under different circumstances, Madeline would have loved that walk in the moonlight. The quiet breeze stirring up the smells of the grass, the fresh mud, and the apples of the orchard was comforting. The silvery glow was quite beautiful. While the temperature wasn't warm, it would not have taken more than a light jacket to keep her comfortable as she danced around in the shadows.

But the only jacket she had was soaked. Her arm hurt from where the cat bit her. She was tired and very much afraid. She was glad that Handsome was with her — she would have hated to be here alone — but her muscles were sore, and she felt half frozen. She didn't care whether the moon was beautiful or not, just that it let her see in the dark. She only cared about that flickering light and hoped she was getting closer to it.

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By the River (Lady Madeline Pt. 4)

She stayed in the river as long as she could, letting the stream take her farther and farther into this strange land, but she could not swim forever. She needed rest. So, when she was sure that she was no longer being chased, she swam towards shore, hoping that those creatures wouldn't follow.

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