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The Dig pt. 2 (Dust, story 2)

The room is cold, and the air feels stale. About half of the lights are off; the others are dimmed. In the main body of the warehouse, it is quite dark. One solitary lamp shines in the middle of the square and some ambient light filters out of some of the interior housing units. Dashner sits at his desk in the artificial half-light, feet up, eyes closed. The hum of ... Continue reading »

The Dig pt. 1 (Dust, story 2)

A sudden crash resounds across the floor, several men look up as a rain of glass pours out of a far window. Alarms sound and the residents rush to take cover. Dust begins to infiltrate through this new breach in the community's defenses. A trained crew of repairmen don masks and gather in the central courtyard. If they don't hurry, if too much of the invading ash and ... Continue reading »